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Water Heaters

We offer expert water heater repair and replacement services. Our experienced plumbers can quickly diagnose any issues with your water heater and provide you with an affordable repair or complete replacement. We use the highest quality parts and materials to ensure your water heater is working efficiently and safely.

Happy Plumbers

Welcome to 24-Hour Plumbing, your go-to experts for water heater repair and replacement! A malfunctioning water heater can be a major inconvenience, but with our prompt and reliable services, you'll never have to worry about cold showers again. 

Here are a few tips to help you identify potential water heater issues:

1. Strange Noises: If you hear rumbling, popping, or banging sounds coming from your water heater, it could indicate sediment buildup. Regular flushing can prevent this and improve its efficiency.


2. Inconsistent Temperature: If your water heater is delivering hot water one moment and cold water the next, there might be a problem with the heating element or thermostat.


3. Leaks or Puddles: Any signs of water pooling around the water heater demand immediate attention. Leaks can lead to water damage and should be addressed without delay.


4. Age of the Water Heater: Typically, water heaters last between 8 to 12 years. If yours is approaching or exceeding this range, it may be time for a replacement, even if it appears to be functioning well.


Our experienced technicians are well-equipped to diagnose and resolve water heater issues efficiently. Whether it's a minor repair or a complete replacement, we'll provide you with honest recommendations and high-quality service.


If you're facing water heater problems, don't wait! Contact us now, and we'll have your water heater running smoothly again in no time. We offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure your comfort and peace of mind, no matter the time of day or night. Let us handle your water heater needs and experience the difference of working with 24-Hour Plumbing!

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